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20 years of


We have the know-how you need.

Having a strong artistic sense in creating a unique image for each individual client. A totally personalized look aimed at making the experience inside our salon unique

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Are you afraid to colour your hair?
Would you like to colour your hair but thinking that if by colouring it
you damage it?
Is your hair already colored but does it need to be reconditioned?
There`s only one solution to FIX all of that, it`s called


A new hair colouring method that creates any colour
effect requested by the customer WITHOUT damaging the hair cuticles as well as the nutrients of the hair.


Unlike balayage, LUMYONE uses the philosophy of colour`application in a vertical position, applying the right amount of colour necessary for the pigmentation of the hair as well as the bleach lightening that applied on top of a colour rather then use it just on it`s own to the hair.
Plus LUMYONE uses the support of a new paper called FOAMY(an alternative to foil) that helps prevent an overheating process ensuring the colour process with no damages for the hair. 



If you wish to have your hair colored without damaging it?
If you wish to colour yur hair often but are afraid of damaging them and 
want to have a natural colour that makes you less slave to colours?
Well to all these questions there is only one answer:
LUMYONE the method that will make the experience of having a beautiful hair colour over and over again.

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